Bilberry System

Why use an additional lighting control system when standard lighting fulfills its function?


The answer is very simple - for convenience and money saving. The Bilberry wireless system allows you to fully explore the potential of LED light sources and it also enables you to control the lighting. As the lamps automatically adjust the light intensity to the current conditions with the use of the built-in light intensity sensor, the life of the individual fixture is extended and additional savings are generated. Everything is possible in our application - you can control an individual luminaire, group fixtures into independent zones or set the lux number for a given area.  Additionally, an advanced luminaire condition monitoring system prevents the lamps from overheating and sends notifications when the lamp is damaged. All these functionalities are available without extra costs or unnecessary cables.

And how does this translate into the user?

After installation of the luminaires, we can forget about all lighting problems. Let's transfer the tedious work to the computer!

By using our luxometer system allows you to use sunlight entering the rooms through windows or skylights and adaptively reduce light intensity. In this way, maximum energy savings are achieved while maintaining health and safety rules.

Adaptive dimming
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System allows you to control lighting zones using an easy-to-use client application and physical industrial controllers. Three simple modes of operation: manual, adaptive and schedule allow you to get full control over your lighting system.


Thanks to our IoT platform, installation and configuration of the system is carried out with minimal effort. A network based on mesh topology, built with care for high data transmission security, is a solid and trouble-free basis for our intelligent lighting system.

Wireless IoT platform

By using modern LED Chip On Board technology, adaptive dimming and light spectrum optimization, we reduce energy consumption up to 70% compared to conventional lighting, which translates into reduced energy costs and CO2 emissions.

Energy savings

Our platform enables simple and quick adjustment of lighting to the needs of your company. A simple and intuitive interface will make your work easier.

Łączenie opraw w strefy
Łączenie opraw w strefy

Ustawienia harmonogramu
Ustawienia harmonogramu

Możliwość dowolnego ustawienia mocy świecenia
Możliwość dowolnego ustawienia mocy świecenia

Łączenie opraw w strefy
Łączenie opraw w strefy


Adaptive regulation or automatic adjustment of the power of our luminaires to the prevailing external lighting conditions allows you to generate additional savings.

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