About us


We are a company located in Lodz, that was established in December 2017 as a small startup, and after only 3 months, we were already selling the first industrial fixtures. From the very beginning, our idea was to produce our lamps 100% in Lodz from Polish components so as to significantly reduce the waiting time and facilitate communication.


After the first successes of our industrial lamp, we were positively surprised by such a high level of energy savings (up to 90%) . In order to contribute to the "European Green Deal" program, we decided to create a horticulture fixture (HORTI), which will increase the quantity and quality of crops with significant energy savings . By modernizing even 1 hectare of greenhouses, the daily savings can reach up to PLN 2,000 (~450€).


Interest in the subject of photobiology and the desire to "disenchant" the bad reputation of LED technology, started a dynamic development of the company, by employing a group of scientists and conducting our own research at CBR Bilberry . Seeing the huge interest in this subject, we decided to create a research fixture (VARIO), which is the only technology in the world that enables spectrum control and change in real time.


In less than 3 years, from a 2-person company operating in the basement, we have built an empire of excellent lighting technology while maintaining a competitive price.

Our mission

After several years in the greenhouse industry and lighting technology, we have noticed an unfavourable reputation of LED lighting. This is caused by the lack of knowledge of the LED producers. They do not have a basic knowledge in the selection of the light spectrum for a particular plant. Our goal is to disenchant this bad aura by conducting a series of research and a scientific approach to lighting technology.


Additionally, we are a team of young people aware of the needs of the 21st century and we want to contribute to the environment protection. By modernizing 1 ha of greenhouses, we annually save energy, which could supply over 2,000 households .

Developmnet plans

Bilberry, apart from industrial, research and greenhouse fixtures, is involved in other projects such as:

        UV lamp for nails in co relation with Indigo Nails


        UV lamp for air purification in cooperation with UV-EL GmbH & Co.KG


        Bilberry spectroradiometer


        Lamp for wastewater treatment with WiK Opole Sp. z o. o


        Bilberry IoT system

Bilberry in the world

Our fixtures are popular not only in Poland but also in Europe. We cooperate with plants' producers, enterprises and research institutes (including the University of Cambridge) . We have completed over a dozen projects so far, and other projects are underway. The growing interest in our technology, knowledge and experience allows for the continuous development of the company.


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