Our research luminaires offers many possibilities. Configure your lamp to suit your needs. All you need to know is what spectrum you are interested in.


What light spectrum do you need for your research?

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Choose LED's for the research luminaire so that you get a satisfying effect.

In our configurator you can choose 9 types of LEDs that will create the desired spectrum for your research.


Configure a 9 channel controllable panel for your lamp.

If you have already chosen the LEDs that will work in your research, configure your 9 channel controllable LED panel. Thanks to 9 independent channels, you can freely turn on, turn off and control power of individual colors of light.

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Along with a research lamp tailored to your needs, you will get access to a control platform to be able to freely modify the light power.

All you need is a computer or cellphone to be able to control separate channels. You can quickly and easily change the power and color of lamp lighting.


If your research needs a different panel all you have to do is contact us. We will prepare and send a new, replaceable panel.

We know that research includes testing, therefore our lamps have replaceable panels thanks to which you will be able to easily change the light for your research. You do not have to pay for a new lamp, just for your new LEDs.

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