Revolutionary greenhouse lighting - our goals

We are currently researching, testing, checking and developing the product, which meets all the standards and our goals.

Reduction of electricity consumption
by 40% during the year

Thanks to the use of modern LED technologies, we will be able to significantly reduce electricity consumption in greenhouses.

Adaptation of the spectrum to the plant species

Before we install the luminaires in your facility we will test what spectrum is best for the plants you grow.

Quick return
on investment

Generated savings will make your investment pay back even in less than a year.

Adaptation of the spectrum to the plant's growth phase

Our control platform and the tests we conduct will allow you to adjust the light spectrum to the plant's growth phase to better stimulate its growth at a given stage.

and accelerate plant growth

A well-chosen spectrum of light combined with the ability to control the spectrum at a specific stage of plant growth will allow you to optimize your crop.

Easy and quick lighting modernization (replacement of luminaires 1: 1)

We want the lighting in your greenhouse to be modernized quickly and without the additional components. We will adjust our fittings so that their replacement is as fast as possible.

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