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Our story

We are a company from Łódź founded in 2017. Initially we focused on lighting solutions for the industry and now we are also developing products for greenhouses and scientific researches. We dynamically develop our ideas by creating specialized lighting solutions. Interdisciplinarity is a part of our DNA.

Our vision

We create smart lighting systems for industry and plant cultivation. We provide ready hardware and software solutions, thanks to which your company will significantly increase energy savings and become more human or plant friendly.

Our technology

By using modern LED Chip On Board technology, adaptive dimming and light spectrum optimization, we reduce energy consumption up to 70% comparing to conventional lighting, which translates into reduced energy costs and CO2 emissions.



Our company consists of passionate young people. Every employee is a qualified specialist in his/her field. We have an interdisciplinary team of biotechnologists, design engineers, software developers, electronic engineers and managers. Our dream is to change the world for the better.

CEO - The Pietrucha Group

"Installation of LED fixtures has led to a three-fold reduction in the energy consumption"

We are currently implementing a research and development project entitled "Development of an innovative lighting system dedicated to irradiating greenhouse tomato cultivation" co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund within the Intelligent Development Operational Program, 2014-2020.

As a Start-up, we took part in four accelerations where we received funding for the development of the company.


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